IVECO’s closed box van range is mostly represented by the IVECO Daily series. It was introduced in 1978 and has undergone several generation redesigns since then.

From the very beginning, the IVECO team undertook a totally original approach to the development of large commercial vehicles. One of the features, which made the brand’s vans stand out from the crowd, was the rear wheel drive. Another Daily’s peculiarity was and still is the fact that it is the product of the reputable trucking brand. This entails the following benefits of IVECO’s closed box vans:

Cargo capacity

The key value of the brand’s large commercial vehicles in general and panel vans in particular is that they are made to perform the most demanding heavy duty operations. For this purpose, the Daily van is equipped with a rugged ladder chassis, which provides a class-leading load volume up to 19.6 m3 and a remarkable 7-tonne max gross vehicle weight. Other dimensions include the load lengths between 2,620mm and 5,125mm and the load heights between 1,545mm and 2,100mm.


Evidently, such an outstanding payload rate requires the support of a powerful engine. IVECO offers the total of nine engine versions. The range starts with a 2.3-litre unit, which generates about 105 hp, and finishes with a 3.0-litre engine, capable of about 205 hp. Moreover, there is a CNG-powered engine, as well as a fully electric version.

As for the offers on a second hand market, IVECO Daily 2015 versions sell fairly well. If to focus on the model, then IVECO Daily 35c13 deserves special attention. It has a 2.8-litre engine and is claimed to be good on fuel.


The cab design is built as practical as possible. Though it is less exquisite than those of its rivals, it is truly functional.

Thus, the IVECO panel van series has found its niche in the private business sector among the operators who need a reliable and mighty van for day-to-day operations. If it sounds similar to your demands, check our catalogue of IVECO’s closed box vans for sale, choose the most relevant offers and contact the dealers for all the details of your special interest.